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For Kids


Hi friends! Welcome to our site. On this page you'll find a bunch of cool resources that you can download and print at home! Colouring pages, Worksheets, and more to come, so keep checking back if you like what you see.

Colouring Pages


Shine Bright

Colouring Page


Gratitude Garden

Colouring Page

Printable Worksheets

I AM Exercise

An affirmation is the declaration of something that is true. Practice saying them out loud to help battle negative thinking and encourage mindfulness. This I AM exercise will help you do just that!

This exercise is a tool that helps you practice Rule #1 from The Happy Class - Be Mindful. It includes instructions and examples to help get you started.

Download it, print it out and have fun! Practicing this often can help to activate a sense of courage and inner-strength. It can boost self-love, acceptance, and  help us see a new perspective.


Gratitude Journal

Writing down what you’re thankful for is a good way to practice gratitude. It’s a fact that grateful people lead happier lives. You want to be happy right?

We thought so :)


We created this four page Gratitude Journal that includes guidance and questions to help you identify what you already have in your life to be grateful for. Doing this can help to improve your attitude, build character, and create confidence in your writing and communication skills.


Word Search

Being mindful and optimistic isn't always easy. Sometimes when we're feeling down it can take a lot to remind us to shift our perspective, and that's ok. Feel your feelings, observe how you're reacting to them and be patient with yourself.

Here's a word search that you can help to cheer you up and keep you busy when you need a little lift. Download it, print it out and see if you can find all the words :)

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