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Don't Fear Change

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over…. it became a butterfly – Unknown Author

Change can be a very scary thing for a lot of people. It’s not looked upon as something that can be embraced easily. In fact, for some people change can literally immobilize them.

Why are we so resistant to change? What is it that makes us feel as if our whole world will be turned upside down? What makes us stagnant, therefore repeating the same behavior, and same habits, even if it’s not what we want?

Fear is the culprit, or as I call it False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is generated by the thoughts we choose to think. Depending on what thoughts we observe and then attach to, it causes an emotion and therefore a reaction. If your thoughts on the change you face are that of a negative nature, you will feel the discomfort within you and that will stop you from moving forward and experiencing growth.

How do we move through our fear to experience growth from change? We face our fear. We embrace it and accept what is happening in our present moment, find the positive and move past it with confidence.

It is only our negative thoughts that convince us it would be easier to stay in our comfort zone. We must then be aware of our thoughts, observe them, but not attach to them. Do not label one thought more important than another, or bad vs. good. Do not let resistance stop you from making the change. We have thousands of thoughts each day, wouldn’t it be best to entertain those that make us feel good?

Change is inevitable. Change symbolizes growth. Accepting change and moving forward with change is the difference between staying in a dream-like state vs. living and experiencing more than you have ever known because you had the courage and faith in yourself that everything would work out.

Accept that it's ok if you don’t know how it will all play out. Don’t be afraid. Allow yourself to go beyond your own boundaries and trust that you are safe. The universe is a loving one and one that supports you, so have faith that what is before you is exactly what needs to happen.

Do not carry the past on your shoulders but challenge yourself and move forward freely with excitement for the future. Change is beautiful, embrace it!

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