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Anxiety and depression are very real and can affect any child or adult at any time. Everyone can feel depressed or anxious. We are all prone to worrying or feeling sad from time to time, but for some it’s there all the time or for brief intense moments. It's not explainable, just paralyzing.

Anxiety can’t be seen or touched but for those suffering the obsessive worry or overthinking can get so uncomfortable and can get worse over time and cause severe interference with living life.

Some may avoid places or people. Some can’t function at school or at work. Relationships are tarnished because irritability is high and depression can set in due to feelings of hopelessness. It’s sad that some people just do not have the tolerance for the sensitive, for the ones hurting. Some turn their head the other way and others judge so deeply that the wounded within are afraid to speak up and seek support for their pain and instead they spiral downward. Even though we can’t physically see their cut, they are wounded, their concerns are real and we need to offer support, kindness and optimism.

For those that suffer it’s okay to feel what you are feeling. It’s okay to cry, to show emotion. It’s okay to talk to someone about your struggles. Your feelings have purpose. You are not weak and you are not alone.

A person who suffers from anxiety, is not an attention seeker and can't just "get over it". Their pain is real. We may never understand why someone suffers anxiety or depression so intensely but what we do know is that we need more compassion and understanding and education towards this and all mental health issues. Too many of our family and friends are suffering silently. We need to be kind, gentle and offer to listen. Never be scared to ask someone how they’re doing.  Encourage them to share their story with you. Just acknowledging another person can offer peace, calmness and healing.

Together we can make a difference. 🙏💕

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