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My Rock

I stare lovingly into her eyes...She is my reflection, my twin sister, best friend and now co-creative business partner Brigitta. I call her Giter (pronounced Gee-ter).

Many of us have siblings, but how many of you are a twin, an identical twin?

Growing up as identical twins in the 80’s in Mississauga, Ontario was pretty rare. You didn’t hear too much about it like you do now. In fact, just in our school alone, there was only one other set of twins and they were fraternal, not identical like us. You could say we stood out.

Most people wonder what is it like to have an identical twin?

Our childhood can be summed up as one great adventure. Along my journey of self-discovery my sister has proven to be my biggest teacher and friend.

Back then it was easy for others to assume that everything about us was the same because much of what we did was the same. We were always together, we shared the same room, same friends, wore the same clothes (different colours) and worked at the same part time jobs.

I struggled with how to have a separate identity from her because so much was the same. I spent a lot of energy (not always positive) trying to be just like her, yet also different. She was very artistic and me not so much. So, I used to think how could we not be great at the same things? We are twins after all, wasn’t that expected? At times I silently envied her.

Yet how lucky was I to always have had someone to play with, to dream with, to laugh uncontrollably with, cry with, grow with and to feel safe with and still today our bond is extremely tight.

We help bring each other into positive states. We believe in love, life and happiness. When one of us is down, the other is right there picking up the pieces, helping the other to get into the positive flow of life again.

I look back and have a deep gratitude for having Giter around me all the time. Our similarities and positive energies combined are contagious. I can't think of a better person to share adventures with and with whom I have learned so much from.

We are two very different people but also 2ofaKind. Can two twin sisters be both? Yes... I smile at just how similar our lives have played out but more importantly, how we have grown spiritual together and how we're inspired and hold a strong belief in our purpose to help others on their journey of happiness.

Together we create and visualize in making the world a better place. Giter is my rock, my soul sister and very best friend. A beautiful spirit who provides the very best of herself so that I may bring out the best in myself. I've never had to look far for her, as she is always by my side.

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