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"It was a fun experience for me and my school to have the happy class come and talk to us about what it means to be happy. During our preteen and teenage years we may not be able to feel happy but the happy class has helped us try to become more happy."


-Ariel Lino


"The Happy Class provided our students with a wonderful message about life, love and happiness and what is truly important. They kept the students engaged throughout the hour and incorporated humour into their skit! Thank you for spreading the message of happiness to St James!"

-Stephanie Martins, Educator

St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre





"As you sit and experience a presentation of "The Happy Class", it does just what the name says, it makes you happy! Michelle and Brigitta are full of positive energy that is so contagious. They offered words of wisdom and quick tools to use daily for overall mental health. Suitable for any age, children and adults alike will leave this presentation feeling HAPPY! :) "

- Rosanna Marangoni, Educator

St. John XXIII Elementary School, Mississauga



"The Happy Class does a fantastic job teaching children how to be self-confident. Informing students on how to act in a positive and happy manner. I would highly recommend "The Happy Class" as a motivational speaking/presentation for your school to promote self-awareness, self-confidence and anti-bullying."


- Educator,

St. John XXIII Elementary School, Mississauga


"With such a focus on mental health and well-being in our society today, it was truly great to watch a presentation that focused on the power that all of us have to make our lives happier. As a teacher, I have witnessed many students who allow their own thoughts and feelings to keep them from truly living in the moment and realizing just how happy they can be. The Happy Class was an inspirational presentation that will have you smiling all the way through and well after it has finished. I would warmly welcome them into my school again any time."

- Joe Zubac, Educator

St. John XXIII Elementary School, Mississauga


"This was by far my favourite presentation that we have had so far at our school. Michelle and Brigitta are such wonderful people. They really have a way of captivating their audience with their enthusiasm and sense of humour. It really was a treat having them speak to our students. Their message was so positive and the students were so into their presentation from start to finish. I can't wait to see them back at our school next year. They truly are amazing presenters and most importantly sisters. We love you both! Patrick"


- Patrick Mifsud, Educator

St. John XXIII Elementary School, Mississauga

"The Happy Class put on a wonderful show for the grades 4-8 students.

They were engaging and did a fantastic job addressing mental health and well being. Thank you for coming in."

- Educator

St. John XXIII Elementary School, Mississauga

"I had the privilege of attending the launch of The Happy Class show created by Brigitta Pacheco and Michelle Castro. Their program was engaging and effectively captivated the audience present on their launch date.


Brigitta and Michelle have put together an amazing show with a clear focus and a cohesiveness that was very impressive. They created a lively and positive outlook that the audience responded very well to. Brigitta and Michelle engaged with their audience before, during, and after delivering their program.


As an educator, I simply could not help but think of how students will be able to relate to the “3 Rules and Tools” to be happy. The Happy Class reminded me to be present, mindful, and grateful. I found myself smiling throughout the show. The show was inspiring and I am confident that students and teachers alike will learn a lot from “The Happy Class”. It is my great pleasure to recommend The Happy Class."

- Grace Litimco


"David really enjoyed The Happy Class. We talked about what he learned in the car ride home and he was talking about being nervous before big hockey games and he said he now knows being nervous is not good as it can make things worse. Instead he said he will think of the two happy ladies and what they said. He felt inspired!"

- Mom speaking to her son David's experience



“The Happy Class is SUCH a good idea. Michelle and Brigitta are vibrant and passionate in the way they’ve brought this inspiring idea to life. They pump up their audience in a beautiful and positive way. They genuinely spread their message to help kids avoid negative self-talk, gain self-confidence, and overcome personal challenges. I wish this was around when I was growing up. It’s taken me several years to un-condition myself of the detrimental effects that fear and low-self confidence have had on my life, and I still struggle with it. The educational take-aways from this class are extremely valuable, and I truly believe that everyone can relate on some level.


Michelle and Brigitta interact with the kids after the show and the kids love it! They also support their audience by offering downloadable worksheets on their website. They have really created something very special here. This should be incorporated into all education systems. All kids need to see this, regardless of age.” 


- Katrina

“I thought the show was very inspirational and I walked away thinking YES I really need to remember to be in the moment and feel positive about everything that happens.”


- Grace

“It was very uplifting and positive.”


- Beverly

“It made me open my eyes.”


- Simone

“It was really entertaining.”


- Ayah


“We went over a lot of very good topics that a lot of kids nowadays need to hear.”


- Ayden

“I thought it was really inspirational.”


- Emily


“I really enjoyed the show, I thought it was very well written, geared towards a younger crowd, but definitely as an adult I can take away a lot of lessons from it.”


- Lucy


”It was a really great experience and I’m really excited to see what they’re going to be doing in the future, what they’re going to be adding, and I’m just really proud of them.”


- Kayla


“It was really funny, I was happy, it was a happy class you know?!”




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